Terms of Service

This agreement was written in Korean. For any reason, there is a conflict between a translated version of this agreement and the Korean version, or between local laws and Korean laws, the Korean version of this agreement and the laws of the Republic of Korea will be followed.

Last Updated: May 18, 2018
Under the terms and conditions set forth below (hereafter referred to as 'this agreement'), Creatorlink Inc. (hereafter referred to as 'the company') agrees to provide the service called Creatorlink (creatorlink.net) hereafter referred to as 'the site'. This agreement defines the basic requirements and other necessary details on the conditions and procedures for this service.
① The terms used in this agreement are as follows:
  1. A "Service" is the site or any service related to the site that a member can use with a device (such as a computer or portable device, whether it is connected with a wire or not).
  2. A "User" includes members and guests that access the site and use the services that the site provides outlined in this agreement.
  3. A "member" is someone who accesses the site, has agreed to this agreement, and is someone who uses the services provided by the site.
  4. A "guest" is someone who has not signed up as a member, but uses the services provided by the site.
  5. An "ID" identifies a member of the site, and is a selected combination of letters, numbers, and characters that has been approved by the site.
  6. A "password" confirms the identity of a member, and is a combination of letters and numbers chosen by a member.
  7. "Published material" refers to content, photos, documents, videos, audio files and the links that redirect to such files, that a member can use while using services provided by the site.
  8. "Termination" is when the site or a member chooses to end the agreement outlined in these terms and conditions, after the site's services have been provided.

The definition of the terms provided, except for those in Article 1, follow laws relating to relations and transaction practices.
① "Company" refers to the contents of this agreement and privacy policy, trade name and contact information (e-mail address etc.) available to members, which can be found on the site.
② The "company" can amend this agreement that do not violate any laws relating to Electronic Financial Transaction Act, Framework Act on Electronic Commerce, Telecommunications Business Act, Consumer Protection Act, electronic transactions concerning areas such as e-commerce and consumer protection, and laws for the promotion of information and communications network.
③ Under the circumstances the company revises this agreement, a public announcement will be posted on the site, stating the application date and reason, one (1) week prior to the application of new changes. However, if amendments which would be unfavorable to members, are made, an e-mail will be sent within the week prior to the application of new changes, and a notice will be available after signing in, in addition to a public announcement.
④ A "member" can refuse changes made to this agreement within the seven (7) days prior to the application of an amendment. Upon such a refusal, the company may terminate the contract made in this agreement. If a member fails to refuse an amendment to this agreement within seven (7) days following the public announcement of an amendment, it will be considered that the member has agreed to the change(s).
⑤ If a "member" does not agree to an amendment to this agreement, the company cannot apply the changes stated in an amendment. In such a case, a member can end the contract made in this agreement. However, under special circumstances where the original terms in this agreement cannot be applied, the company may cancel the contract bound by this agreement.
① When a user selects a checkbox stating 'I accept the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy', it will be considered that this user agrees with this agreement.
② Upon application of registration, the applying user is agreeing to a contract formed by consent. However, if one of the following conditions applies, the company cannot accept a registration or a membership may be terminated:
  1. A user applying for membership who was a previous member that lost membership status (members reapplying for membership with the same ID are exempt)
  2. False information was provided, or required information was not provided
  3. A user applying for registration is unable to consent for some reason

③ The company may send a confirmation email to check the authenticity of the registering user for cases stated in Article 4 Clause 1
④ The company may defer acceptance of a registration application if one of the following conditions apply:

  1. The company is experiencing operational or technical difficulties
  2. Under other reasons beyond control (such as natural disasters, phone line or internet service interruptions)
  3. Under circumstances where it is difficult to approve a registration application

⑤ When member registration is complete and a contract is made with this agreement, the company is giving its consent at the same time.
⑥ According to the company's policy, the company will differentiate members by type, and available services will also be divided by member type.
① A member may register for free. After completing the registration application according to the form provided by the company and selecting the checkbox to agree to the terms and conditions stated in this agreement, a registration for membership will be submitted.
② Information provided in a online registration will be regarded as truthful data. Under the circumstances that fraudulent data is provided, such a member will not be protected legally and access to the site's services may be restricted.
Access to the site's services and features requires a membership account to be created. A user may not use another user's account without the other person's consent. As well, a user is solely responsible for the actions made on a personal account. Passwords for accounts should be kept confidential.
① The company provides the free services and paid services.
② The company will provide notice of such fees and services.
③ A User is required to pay all applicable fees in advance to use paid services.
④ The company reserves the right to change its fees at any time. The notice will be given if such change may affect existing subscription to the user.
⑤ If the member received a discount or other promotional offer and when offer is over, the plan will change and renew to other Paid Service(s) at the full applicable Fee.
⑥ If members who are under 19 years old wants to use the paid services, agreement from parents or legal guardians needed. The parents or legal guardian may cancel the contract if the ratification doesn’t meet after the conclusion of contract was made.
⑦ Our prices are stated in Korean won, unless otherwise stated.
① In order to ensure that the users do not experience any interruption or loss of services due to the lapse of any particular subscription period, the Creatorlink Services will apply automatic renewal on a recurring-fees basis when the plan expired.
② Unless the user cancels the service, the company will renew the service automatically in recurring-fee basis.
① If company can¡¯t afford to provide the paid service or unable to fix the defected service, the company may fully refund applicable fee.
② If the user is not satisfied with the paid services, the user may notice the company with cancellation for any reason within 7 days (“The Refund Period”) from the first payment or activation in paid Services.
③ If the company receive cancellation request from members within 7 days, the company will cancel the payment and fully refund the payment.
④ If the company receives the cancellation request from the members after the refund period, neither the cancellation nor the refund can be made.
⑤ The company shall process the refund in the same method of payment and shall notice the member in advance if not. However, if the verification of the receipt is needed, the refund will be made within 3 business days after confirming the verification.
⑥ In the case of the company overcharged user, the company shall fully refund any overcharged fee. If the company refuses to refund the fee, the company needs to prove the right of the fee that it has been charged accordingly. The procedure of the refund will be followed by the digital content user protection guideline.
① The member may decide to discontinue the use of the service and may request to cancel the paid services at any time in accordance with the instructions available on paid services. The effective date for the cancellation of paid services shall be at the end of such Paid Services’ subscription period.
② Failure to comply with any of the Creatorlink terms and/or to pay any due Fee shall entitle Creatorlink to suspend (until full payment is made) or cancel the User Account and User Website (or certain features thereof), as well as the provision of any related Creatorlink Services (e.g., Paid Services).
③ If, at any time, the member contacts its bank or credit card company to decline, chargeback or otherwise rejects the charge of any payable fees (“Chargeback”), this act will be considered a breach of the payment obligations hereunder, and the member¡¯s use of the Paid Services may be automatically terminated.
① A member may view and modify personal information at the 'My account' page at any time.
② Upon becoming a member of the site, such a person is responsible for changing personal data, and any problems related to personal information.
③ An application to withdraw membership or cancel the contract bound by this agreement may be submitted at any time. Depending on the company's regulations, such applications will be reviewed and processed.
④ Depending on the conditions stated below, the company may cancel membership or suspend use of the site's services without prior consent:
  1. The use of the site’s services does not match the intended purposes of such services and creates societal problems.
  2. The information provided by a member is fraudulent.
  3. When harm is directed or damage is applied to the site's other services.

⑤ When a member cancels the contract bound by this agreement, the profile picture depicting that member and the entire account will be deleted. However, if any material has been copied elsewhere, these contents will not be deleted. After deleting such contents, withdrawal from membership is required.
⑥ After a member's account is deleted, except for information relating to laws and the protection of personal information, the termination of an account will be processed. If a member wishes to restore a personal account, an email sent to help@creatorlink.net must be sent within seventy-two (72) hours after deletion. An account cannot be restored once seventy-two (72) hours has passed.
⑦ After deletion of an account, the period to reapply for membership
If an account has been deleted, a user may reapply with same ID for membership at any time once thirty (30) days have elapsed. Upon deletion of an account, a portfolio site and other details from used services will be completely erased and cannot be restored.
① Excluding special circumstances, the site's services will be available for twenty-four (24) hours of each day. In the case the site's services become unavailable, the company can set the availability of some services. For these types of cases, the company will make a public annoucenment or send a notification about the availability of services to members.
② In the event that the company needs to temporarily suspend the site's services due to system operation, error management, regular inspections, system replacement, network failure or unavoidable factors such as natural disasters, the availability of the site's services may be suddenly interrupted. When the interruption of the site's services is planned, a public announcement will be made stating the interruption period and nature of the work. However, if there are unavoidable reasons where the company cannot publicly announce a service interruption, a notification will be made after the event has passed.
③ The company cannot accept responsibility for loss or damages due to interruptions in service or network availability.
① The company will try its best to provide continuous, reliable service in accordance with this agreement.
② The company is committed to the privacy of its members. Pertaining to the protection of members' personal data, the handling of such data complies with the company's privacy policy and personal data protection laws. However, in a linked site other than the site, the company's privacy policy does not apply.
③ When the company is required to notify members, email or another method, that other companies consider reasonable, will be used. However, when the company needs to notify all members, a mandatory public announcement lasting for seven (7) days will be made.
④ Under unavoidable natural disasters, system failure, or service interruption, the company will not be held responsible for any loss or damages.
⑤ The company assumes no responsibility for any information, content, validity, and or accuracy of data that a member posts while using the site's services.
⑥ The company assumes no responsibility, unless otherwise specified in applicable laws, with respect to services provided free of charge.
① The following activities are prohibited. If any of the following are committed, the company may restrict or suspend membership.
② The following activities are prohibited:
  1. A member enters false information while registering or changing personal data
  2. A member uses another member's ID or password to act as another member
  3. A member makes a profit without the company's explicit consent or the site's services are used to intentionally cause damages
  4. Third party and similar advertising: A member repeatedly sends illegal or objectionable content
  5. A member who slanders, insults, or makes defamatory remarks about the trademarks, trade secrets, or copyright, or infringes upon the confidentiality rights of a third party
  6. Unauthorized use of personal information, contents, or usage details to collect information or disclose
  7. Except explicitly permitted by the company, when a member uses information, obtained by using the services (excluding content intentionally posted by a user) to obtain a license or a secondary license; publish content; broadcast; transmit or supply information; display; sell; rebrand
  8. Transmission of content to transfer a virus or spread illegal software
  9. Publication or distribution of malicious content, the execution or an attempt to hack
  10. Application of a systematic or automated data collection of the site, or any material on the site, without the prior written approval of the site. These activities include:

    • scraping
    • decompiling
    • reverse engineering
    • use of a robot
    • use of a spider
    • use of an offline reader

  11. Any activity (or one that the company considers) that interferes with the stable operation of the site's services
  12. Any activity related to criminal behavior or an illegal act
  13. Publication or circulation of information or any activity that undermines or causes harm to social order, public morals or customs
① If a member wishes to terminate the contract bound by this agreement, an application for membership withdrawal will be immediately carried out.
② If a member does one of the following activities, the company can cancel the contract of this agreement or suspend usage of the site's services for a prescribed period of time without prior notice.
  1. A member steals another member's personal information, ID, or password
  2. A member commits an act that damages another member's honor or dignity
  3. A member infringes the intellectual property rights of the company, another member, or a third party
  4. A member discloses information to intentionally cause harm to public order or public morals
  5. A member plans or commits any activity with the motive that would cause harm to national interests or public interests
  6. A member commits any action to intentionally interfere with the site's services
  7. A member deliberately acts to interfere with the stable operation of the site, sends a large amount of information, or sends advertisements
  8. A member spreads a virus causing malfunction or destruction of information or communication equipment
  9. The Korea Communications Standards Commission or an external agency has a sanction request, or an authoritative interpretation of illegal campaigning, made by the National Election Commission of Korea, exists
  10. A member uses information obtained by using the site's services to reproduce or distribute it without prior consent of the company
  11. A member of shows pornographic material on a portfolio website, this site, or the site's bulletin board or posts links to pornographic sites
  12. A member infringes a term or condition in this agreement or in another company's terms and conditions agreement
① The company may provide members with information on a variety of subjects through email, such as service improvements, new services, and membership related services.
② The company may provide members with service related information or advertisements about the site's services, through a service on the site, the site itself, or by means other than email.
③ The company shall not be liable for any loss or damage caused by a member through participation in promotions, communication, or transactions arising from advertisements, via the site's services or any content posted on the site.
④ Members will be considered to have consented to ads displayed on the site
Matters not specified in this agreement will follow the regulations of telecommunications law, Telecommunications Business Act, and Act on the Promotion of Information and Communications Network of Korea.
① Published material will hereafter refer to the images, content, videos, and audio files uploaded by a user on the site.
② Any loss or damage from a member's published material (this includes all kinds of published material) is the sole responsibility of the pertaining member. Unless, due to intentional or gross negligence, the company will not be held responsible to such losses or damages.
③ A member is forbidden to write, publish, or send content that would cause harm to public order or morals. In the case that any published content is of this nature, the pertaining member assumes full responsibility arising from such a publication.
④If a member writes or publishes material that the company interprets to follow one of the conditions below, the company may delete such material without the prior consent of the pertaining member.
  1. Discredits, severely insults or damages another member or a third party's honor
  2. Publishes, sends, or creates a link to vulgar or obscene content, an illustration, information, an audio file, or a video that would cause harm to public order or morals
  3. Makes a political or religious statement that the company considers to not conform to the nature of how the site's services are supposed to be used
  4. Content that is associated with criminal activity
  5. Content that infringes the copyright or another right of another member or third party
  6. Any material that the company considers to violate any related law, regulation, or a company regulation
⑤ In the cases when the company judges that usage of member’s data such as sharing, uploading, transferring, streaming or more causes the excessive traffic that give bad influence on Creatorlink service or servers, the company has the right to control or limit the member’s data or traffic without any notice.
① Any content or material created by the company falls under the copyright and other intellectual rights of the company.
② Any content or material created by a member through a site service belongs to that member.
③ Material that a member publishes may be used in search results related to services and promotions. Such material may be modified, replicated, edited, or published. In such cases, the company will comply with copyright laws and regulations. Members may remove such applicable posts via the customer service center, or content management tools with the site's services at any time. Except for search results, a member may make published content private.
④ Besides the methods mentioned in clause 3 of Article 15, the company must obtain the consent of the pertaining member, in order to use that member's published content.
① Members can request a withdrawal from membership at any time. Unless the company has an immediate legal obligation, a request, such as the one stated above, will be carried out.
② The company may restrict or withdraw membership or the site's services for a certain member, if one of the following conditions apply to that member.
  1. False information was provided during member registration
  2. Another member's ID, password, or personal information is stolen
  3. Any activity that hinders the use of the site's services by another member, plagiarizes the content published by another member, or would cause harm through an electronic transaction
  4. Any action that is prohibited by law, this agreement, or by public order
  5. Any activity that deliberately interferes with the operation of another service

③ In the case that the company restricts or withdraws a member's membership for the same reason twice within thirty (30) days, and the reason was not resolved, the company can revoke that member's membership.
④ In the event that the company revokes a member's membership, that member's membership will be erased. Under such circumstances, the company will notify the member that their membership will be erased. The company will notify the member a minimum of thirty (30) days to request an appeal.
① This agreement is effective for all members and users that have registered for membership. The consent for the content of this agreement, content displayed through the site's services, and through other methods becomes valid when a user registers for membership.
② For significant reasons, the company may change the contents of this agreement without prior notice. The changed content will be published through a public announcement or notification, and will be effective through the process stated in Paragraph 1 of Article 17.
③ If a member does not consent with changes to this agreement, use of the site's services may be discontinued and the contract bound by this agreement may be cancelled. After the changes to this agreement take effect and the user continues to use a service of this site, it will be considered that the user can consented to changes to this agreement.
The company cannot accept responsibility for the use of free services of the site, unless there is a special regulation that applies.
① Should a natural disaster, or similar unavoidable circumstances result in the company being unable to provide the site's services, the company is exempt from holding any responsibility.
② The company is not responsible for any failure of the site's services, arising from a member using such services.
③ The company cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by lost expected revenue, or any damage from material obtained through the use of the site's services.
④ The company is not responsible for the truth or validity of any information, materials, or content published by a member through a site service.
⑤ The company will not be responsible for any damage due to an intentional act or negligence, through the use of the site's services by a member.
① The company and members must make every necessary effort in order to peacefully resolve any dispute with a satisfactory result, arising in connection with the use of a site service.
② A filed lawsuit between the company and a member will follow the laws of the Republic of Korea.
③ Litigation resulting from disputes between the company and a member will follow the regulations of the Civil Procedure Act of the Republic of Korea, and this will determine a suitable court.
④ Despite the preceding paragraph, if the address or the residence of a member, who is involved in a dispute with the company, is outside the Republic of Korea, the litigation of such a situation will be held in a suitable court within the central district of Seoul in the Republic of Korea.

This agreement is effective as of 25 May 2018.