Privacy Policy

This policy was written in Korean. For any reason, there is a conflict between a translated version of this policy and the Korean version, or between local laws and Korean laws, the Korean version of this policy and the laws of the Republic of Korea will be followed.

Last Updated: September 21, 2015

Creatorlink Inc. which is managing the operation of Creatorlink (, an internet site, adheres to the Promotion of Information and Communication Network Act, Information Security Act, Protection of Personal Data Laws, Communications Privacy Act, Telecommunications Business Act, and other relevant laws and regulations that telecommunications service providers must comply with. At Creatorlink Inc. we have created a privacy policy relevant to the above laws and regulations, and we are committed to protecting your personal data with the utmost care.

This privacy policy applies to the site that the company is providing, Creatorlink (, and services related to this site. Should we make changes to the content of this policy that you have agreed with, we will inform you prior to making a change.

  1. Privacy Policy

    ① Charges Related to Implementing Contracts, Offering the Site's Services, and Other Charges
    Charges may arise from the following: authentication, matching, the provision of content for personal identification, as well as to prevent the abuse of communication and unauthorized communication between members.

    ② Member Management
    This includes: the availability of services to members; personal identification; restrictions against members of Creatorlink who violate the terms and conditions of the site; sanctions against any activity that may hinder the smooth operation of the site's services; confirmation of members; dispute resolution; record management; complaint management; notification delivery; confirmation of members who have withdrawn membership.

    ③ Management of New Services, Marketing, and Advertising
    By various customized services offered and notifications, emails will be sent relating to: service announcements and recommendations/feedback; development related to the improvement of current services and new services; development related to the analysis of service access/use frequency; the publication of trends in other advertisements; the monitoring of trends in advertisements; announcements for public events
  2. Collection of Personal Data and Methods of Collection

    With the exception of certain special services, users may freely access services offered by Creatorlink without registering. In order to access services available only to site members, data for required fields must be provided.
    ① Scope of Personal Data Collection
    Required fields: site name, sign-in email address, site url, password
    Optional data: profile data (profile picture, specialty/field)

    • The first sign-in after a new registration: Email address, password
    • Application for an event: name, email address, cell phone number, address
    • When submitting a customer complaint: name, email address

    Through the use of the site's services, the following data may be automatically collected:
    - Browser type, operating system, searched keywords, IP address, cookies
    - Temporary visits, service use history, inappropriate use of services history, websites addresses

    ② Scenarios for Personal Data Collection
    Membership registration and member data changes
    Contact us, phone calls and inquiries to the customer service department

    ③ Sharing and Offering Personal Data
    Through proper measures of receiving a user's consent, that member's personal data may be provided or used.
    1. Affiliation: As of the effective date of this privacy policy, a user has no affiliation with Creatorlink Inc nor is required to provide any personal data. If there is a change in the affiliation between Creatorlink Inc and a user, then a notification prior to the change will be sent. In this case, if an individual's consent is given, normal procedures will be carried out. If no consent is given, no personal data needs to be provided.
    2. However, the following will be exceptions:
      According to Relations Law of the Republic of Korea, for investigation purposes following relevant laws and regulations and methods, or an investigator requests personal data
  3. Retention of Personal Data and the Duration Such Data is Retained

    While a member is using the site's services, the company will retain this member's personal data for the purpose of providing such services. If a member requests to withdraw membership status or to have his/her personal data to be deleted, such data will be processed so that it not viewable or accessible.
    However, in order to prevent members committing prohibited activity, the company may retain a member's ID or email address according to the following durations below.
    ① Reasons for the Retention of Personal Data Due to Internal Policy
    - A Record of Prohibited Activity Exists
    Reason(s) for Retention: To prevent prohibited activity
    Retention Duration: One (1) year

    ② Reasons for the Retention of Personal Data Due to Relevant Laws and Regulations
    According to laws and regulations related to Commercial Law, electronic transactions, the Consumer Protection Act, and Relations Law of the Republic of Korea, the company will retain members' personal data for the set period of time, following Relations Law, if such retention is needed. For such cases, the company will retain such personal data for retention purposes only, and the duration of retention is as follows.

    - Records Regarding Contracts or Membership Withdrawal Requests
    Reason(s) for Retention: Regulations relating to electronic transactions and the protection of consumers
    Retention Duration: Five (5) years

    - Consumer complaints or records of dispute resolution
    Reason(s) for Retention: Regulations relating to electronic transactions and the protection of consumers
    Retention Duration: Three (3) years

    - Website access records
    Reason(s) for Retention: Protection of Communications Secrets Act
    Retention Duration: Three (3) months

    - A Record of Prohibited Activity Exists
    Reason(s) for Retention: To prevent prohibited activity
    Retention Duration: One (1) year
  4. Procedures and Methods of Destroying Personal Data

    When the purposes of collecting and using users' personal data have been fulfilled, such data will be destroyed without delay. The procedures for destroying such data are as follows:
    1) Procedure For Destroying Personal Data
    When the purposes, for using data according to internal policy and related regulations, provided during membership registration, have been fulfilled, and the duration for retaining such data has elapsed, this data will be destroyed. Personal data will not be used for reasons outside of those stated in regulations protecting personal data.

    2) Methods of Destroying Personal Data
    Personal data printed on paper will be destroyed using a paper shredder or will be incinerated
  5. Setup, Operation, and Denial of Automatic Collection of Personal Data Using Cookies

    1) What is a cookie?
    A cookie is a small text file that is stored on a user's browser or device. Such a file is used to operate the company's website, and is saved through a user's web browser by a server.

    2) Purpose of Using Cookies
    Cookies are used for various purposes regarding members and unregistered users, such as: to track access frequency, to analyse visit analysis and use patterns, to determine interests and tastes, to monitor event participation and visit frequency, for target marketing, to provide personalized services, and to provide individualized data about users.

    In the case where the use of cookies has been disabled by a user's browser (such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Chrome), users may experience difficulty while using the site's services

    3) Setup, Operation, and Denial of Using Cookies
    Users have the option to allow the use of cookies. Therefore, a user may configure a setting in a web browser to allow all cookies to be saved, to ask for confirmation each time a cookie is to be stored, or to reject all cookies. If the use of cookies is denied, some difficulties may arise from using the site's services.

    The following explains how to allow the use of cookies:

    1. Internet Explorer
    Tools > Internet Options > Privacy > Settings section

    2. Chrome
    Settings > Advanced settings > Content settings > Cookies section
  6. Measures to Protect Personal Data

    The company will take the following measures to ensure the safety of users' personal data, and to prevent the loss, theft, leakage, or alteration of such data.
    ① Employee Training Regarding the Protection of Personal Data
    The company consists of a minimum number of staff needed to handle the protection of personal data. As well, the company conducts regular training on new protection techniques and the duty to protect personal data, while following internal inspection procedures to maintain and enforce security.

    In order to protect users' personal data, the company is taking the utmost care with such data. However, the company is not responsible for any general or general internet related problems arising from a user's leaked ID or password, due to negligence.
  7. Third Party Disclosure

    With the intention of providing the highest quality services, Creatorlink will not disclose a member's personal data to any third party without that member's consent. As well, the company will strive to prevent the leakage of personal data. If a user's rights concerning the collection and use of, or sharing of personal information with a third party is changed, the company will announce this at least thirty (30) days before such a change.
  8. The Rights of Users and How They Are Exercised

    A user may view or edit any provided personal data at any time, as well as deny the company from handling personal data, by refusing consent or making a request to cancel membership. However, if consent is denied, use of some or all of the site's services may be difficult.

    For a user to view or edit personal data, after signing into the site, click 'My account', and to request a withdrawal from membership, click 'Remove account'. When 'Remove account' is clicked, a confirmation email will be sent, and membership withdrawal is possible after completing this email confirmation.

    Pertaining to user requests to close an account or to delete personal data, such data will be retained according to the duration stated in section '3. Retention of Personal Data and the Duration Such Data is Retained'. For such requests, the process, to make such data no longer viewable or usable after the set duration, will be carried out.
  9. Civil services Regarding Personal Information

    The company has designated a privacy officer to protect personal data and to handle complaints related to such data.

    Privacy Officer: John Kim
    Phone Number : (82) 070-4622-0120
    Email :

    Should you need further advice on matters related to personal data, please contact the following organizations:

    • Korean Internet & Security Agency ( or (82) 02-405-5118)
    • ePrivacy ( or (82) 02-550-9531)
    • Supreme Prosecutor's Office of the Republic of Korea ( or (82) 02-3480-3600)
    • National Police Agency Cyber Bureau ( or (82) 02-392-0330)
  10. The Protection of Personal Data Belonging to Unregistered Users

    Even if a user does not register for membership, users may view content, excluding private content such as personal data and key information.
  11. Links

    Creatorlink contains various links. If a link on Creatorlink is clicked and a user is redirected to another site, the redirected site's privacy policy is independent of Creatorlink's own privacy policy. In these cases, it is advised to carefully review the privacy policy of the newly visited site.
  12. Notification Obligations

    In the event that content is added, removed, or modified to the current privacy policy due to a law, policy, or changes in security technology, an announcement on the 'Notices' page of the Creatorlink website will be posted at least seven (7) days prior to such a change. However, for changes relating to the collection or use of personal data, the sharing of such data with a third party, or any important change relating to users' rights, a notification will be posted a minimum of thirty (30) days before such a change.

    Effective as of : 25 June 2015

    <Supplementary Provisions>
    The current privacy policy is effective as of 25 June 2015. In the event that content is added, removed, or modified to the current privacy policy due to a law, policy, or changes in security technology, an announcement on the 'Notices' page of the Creatorlink website will be posted at least seven (7) days prior to such a change. However, if an amendment is made, that would be unfavorable to users, a notification will be posted on the Creatorlink website thirty (30) days until the amendment becomes effective. In addition, a notification will be sent to the most recent email address that a member has provided. Amendments to this privacy policy will take effect when such changes are publicly announced, or from the effective date stated in an announcement.

    Through the course of offering the site's services, our company complies with the principles above to protect and maintain the confidentiality of personal data.

    Thank you for visiting Creatorlink.