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337 [Checking] bridle makeup Muhammad I

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      Bridal Makeup

       15 Reviews

      , NY



      Overall Rating  4.4

       Quality of Service  4.6

       Responsiveness  4.6

       Professionalism  4.3

       Value  4.2

       Flexibility  4.3

      15 Reviews

       4.4 Blaine H

      Listen, if you the bride (yes you) want the best possible hair and makeup, go to Cloe. I had trial sessions with 3 makeup artists, and she was the only one who both listened to my ideas and had informed ideas of her own based on my face shape, skin tone, etc. The trial alone took a few hours...she has a real attention to detail and works meticulously. Yes, it did take a long time for all of our bridesmaids/myself to get ready, but at the end of the day you're getting the best possible product. Just get to the venue early. All of my bridesmaids were happy with their makeup. I looked bridal, but not Long Island bridal (you know what I mean). Thanks Cloe!

      Wedding: 10/18/2015

      Services Used: Beauty & Health

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       5.0 Kristi C

      First of all, I want to thank Cloe for doing a MORE than AMAZING job on my hair and makeup on the most important day of my life. My mother and bridesmaids looked amazing and were very pleased with their looks. I had my makeup trials done by other makeup artists and there is NO ONE who had the TALENT and PROFESSIONALISM that Cloe did. She took the time to thoroughly discuss makeup and hair designs with me and made sure I was happy. On the wedding day she made me look absolutely stunning. I had guests from another wedding come up to me and compliment me on how amazing my hair and makeup looked. Cloe and her girls are definitely guaranteed to make you look like the beautiful bride you've always dreamt of.

      Wedding: 07/23/2011

      Services Used: Beauty & Health

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       4.9 api

      Dear Cloe, I just want to thank you on behalf of the bride, the mothers and the bridesmaids for all the beauty you produced on my best friend's wedding day. She not only looked amazing, but she was radiant. Though at first I contemplated her spending this much money, I have to say you & your stylists did an amazing job with our group of ladies, transforming us into true beauties. I must admit I was skeptical about your abilities, since NO stylist has ever prepared me as Shannon had (AWESOME job SHANNON), but you ladies really pulled it off, not only by creating the looks we sought, but also making it possible for these looks to last ALL day...especially since our hair and makeup was started at 8am, and still maintained our looks until 11:30pm. The bride just looked so beautiful and we loved the barbie doll look!! We can't say enough about what you ladies did for us, and we thank you for your services. Would highly recommend you to ANY bride, and will be sure to keep you in mind for my next event. Many Thanks from The Bride Evelyn, the mothers-Antonia & Paula, the matron of honor Ada, and bridesmaids-Betsy & Dayna!

      Wedding: 03/27/2011

      Services Used: Beauty & Health

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       1.7 OhekaBride

      I would not recommend High Style Bridal Makeup to any bride! Although mine and my bridesmaids makeup came out good, my mother, mother-in-law and my father's wife were extremely disappointed. She does not know how to put makeup on older women at all! She packed on the makeup and they all looked like clowns. They ended up having to take most of it off while having to pay her a ridiculous amount of money. But that wasn't even the worst part of her service. She had absolutely no time management skills. I was late for my pictures and she took so long doing my mothers hair and makeup that she was late for the parent pictures.

      Wedding: 02/25/2011

      Services Used: Beauty & Health

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       4.7 ritav

      I used Cloe for both my engagement pics and for my wedding. Hair and makeup was my most stressful vendor to try to find for my wedding. I have very thin hair and have a difficult time styling it. Cloe used high quality extensions to give me the luscious curls I was looking for. The makeup was stunning and lasted all night and then some! My eyes were done gorgeously. I would use Cloe's makeup services for all my important events.

      Wedding: 11/20/2010

      Services Used: Beauty & Health

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       0.8 Dysh24

      I thought you did a very good job with the make up, however you were not professional as you thought it best to discuss the bride on her wedding day with your staff while my best friend was in the room. Also the $175 was suppose to be taken of the over all make up cost of $275, but instead on the biggest day of my life when you knew you had me cornered you told me that charge was simply to hold the day! why would anyone pay that much money for someone to "HOLD A DAY" and the original deal was that it would be taken off the original price. the next thing is that because you over booked, you wanted me to have my make up done at 9:00AM for a 3:00PM wedding, by the time my 8:00PM reception came around I looked like crap, thank God for my friends who knew how to re-apply make up. I would not recommend you to anyone

      Wedding: 11/13/2010

      Services Used: Beauty & Health

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       5.0 ROC

      Cloe did a fantastic job for my wedding hair and make-up! It lasted the entire day & night with no touch ups needed. Her team set up in my hotel room and took care of me, two mothers and 8 bridesmaids quickly & efficiently. Would recommend her to anyone!

      Wedding: 09/11/2010

      Services Used: Beauty & Health

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       5.0 Dorothy W

      Cloe and her team are troopers, it was a hot summer day and we had no air in the tiny room I had us all in to get ready, but Cloe and her team did not seem to care one bit, and made us all look amazing! I truly felt so beautiful that day thanks to Cloe.

      Wedding: 08/28/2010

      Services Used: Beauty & Health

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       5.0 Evelyn E

      Chloe was an absolute sweetheart. She had such a great sense of humor and it was alot of fun getting ready for my wedding. I really felt pampered on both my practice run and on my wedding day. She is a perfectionist and did an amazing job on my make-up and hair. She arrived on time and her girls were also wonderful artists. She really put my mind at ease on a very busy and stressful day. It was such a wonderful experience and I would definitely recommend her and use her again for any special occassion.

      Wedding: 08/21/2010

      Services Used: Beauty & Health

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       4.7 mrsd

      Cloe was the first hair stylist to "get' the look that I wanted to achieve on my wedding day. My hair looked beautiful! The only small issue that I had was that as the day went on (in 100 degree weather) the curl in my hair extensions loosened so much that they looked way longer than my real hair. Otherwise, my hair look beautiful as did my maid of honor's hair. =)

      Wedding: 07/17/2010

      Services Used: Beauty & Health

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       5.0 Kate :

      I was very pleased with my hair and make up, it lasted the whole wedding and it came out beautiful on pictures.

      Wedding: 06/13/2010

      Services Used: Beauty & Health

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       5.0 AntigoneAP

      Cloe was WONDERFUL!!! I looked fabulous all day and all night throughout my wedding day with very little need for touch ups. I looked good on and off camera. She really brought out the color in my eyes and listened to exactly how I wanted my makeup to look. She has experience working with celebrities and has trained with real pros - and it shows. She was on time, friendly and attentive. I HIGHLY recommend Cloe for any bride.

      Wedding: 06/12/2010

      Services Used: Beauty & Health

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       5.0 Maria H

      Clorinda is such a talented person!! She and her staff made me and all my bridesmaids (15 to be exact), feel like princesses!!! I would recommend Clorinda to any bride!! As the saying goes, you get what you pay for!! Totally a great experience!! She made my wedding day so much less stressful!!

      Wedding: 05/16/2010

      Services Used: Beauty & Health

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       5.0 Tara L

      Cloe was amazing. She made me feel and look beautiful on my wedding day. I would recommend her to anyone. Cloe is very knowledgeable and experienced in her field. I could not have chosen anyone better.

      Wedding: 05/08/2010

      Services Used: Beauty & Health

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       5.0 briarcourtney

      Cloe and her team were exceptional! I felt like a princess from start to finish. I had all my ladies hair and makeup done as well. They came to my hotel room and were ready for business. Cloe was 100% focused on me and brought enough people to do 6 others. She was fantastic and I have never felt more beautiful. I was wedding Barbie!! Cloe's technique is flawless and lasted all day (from noon till 10pm). I didn't even have to touch up. It was also humid that day and my hair looked great all day as well. I would recommend High Style for any special event.

      Wedding: 09/27/2009

      Services Used: Beauty & Health

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336 [Checking] bridle makeup Muhammad I
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